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Welcome to the Sixth Millennium of Futurismic

Today’s earlier post about building your own “Watson Jr.” supercomputer was the 5,000th published post in the Futurismic database, of which – even more astonishing, at least to me – 3,205 bear my own byline.

(Stats junkies may be interested to know that approved comments outnumber the published posts quite considerably, as there are 7,515 of them at time of writing; furthermore, a selection of overworked and underpaid plugins fend off a back-of-the-envelope average of 2,500 spam comments every day.)

In theory, this landmark must have been passed long ago; we lost a whole lot of the archives when Moveable Type died on us a few years back and forced the migration to WordPress, and much of that missing legacy, sadly, consists of the posts by the people who started Futurismic and built it up from nothing: Jeremy, Brian, and Tobias. Without their work, I’d never have had this little soapbox to stand on; I’m quite shocked to see just how much standing upon it I have done in the last five years, and how many folk have stuck around to listen.

I hope you’ll stick around a little longer. I certainly intend to. 🙂