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Autoplaying ads: an apology

Hey, folks; I’ve had a few comments and emails from regular readers informing me that they were seeing ads on the site that were autoplaying video and audio, and which in some cases were hard or impossible to close down. I want to thank those of you who got in touch for doing so; Futurismic‘s readers are its lifeblood, and I long ago vowed never to subject you to tacky crap ads of that sort.

Indeed, the agency now managing those ad blocks made a point of telling me that they don’t accept ads of that sort on their network, which is why I decided to start working with them and drop the old Project Wonderful slots (whose new geolocational bidding system had pretty much deep-sixed the tiny income they used to make for the site). I’ve now informed the agency of the problem, and they’re looking into removing the offending ads from their system forthwith.

In the meantime, please pipe up and get in touch if you’re still seeing them: what would be extra helpful is if you could let me know what browser you’re using when you see them, whereabouts you’re located in the world (i.e. which US state, or which smaller nation), and – most importantly – what the offending adverts are promoting.

Thanks again for your patience; normal service will hopefully be resumed very soon. 🙂

Stealth mode

Folks, I hope you’ll excuse the next couple of days being pretty quiet around these parts, but I’ve a whole raft of non-Futurismic work to get sorted this week, plus a few bits of housekeeping here as well… and dropping a few days worth of blogging will mean I can get everything done without the need for a modafinil overdose (let alone being lynched by my patient yet long-suffering girlfriend).

Back to business as usual on Wednesday – thanks for your patience! 🙂

*tap, tap* Is this thing on?

Hi folks;

If you noticed that Futurismic was unreachable for a large part of the last twelve hours or so, please accept my apologies – unexplained downtime is just one of the many extras that come bundled with our web hosting service! Everything appears to be back to normal now, though (touch wood).

If you didn’t notice Futurismic was down… well, you can pretend you never saw this post, right? Right.

Normal service – as normal as it ever gets round here, anyway – should be restored soon… just about as soon as this hangover clears up, in fact (this really hasn’t been the best Friday ever). Thanks for your patience. 🙂