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Edward Willett – Aurora Award finalist!

marseguro-edward-willettIt’s a proud day for Futurismicone of our blogging team is a finalist for an Aurora Award!

Edward Willett‘s recent novel Marseguro is one of the five finalists for the Long Form English category of the Prix Aurora Awards, the Canadian Science Fiction and Fantasy Association’s yearly contest. Edward explains:

The Auroras recognize Canadian science fiction and fantasy artwork, writing, and fan activities. Nominated for and voted on by fans, they’re the Canadian equivalent of the Hugo Awards–or, to put it in movie terms, the Canadian science fiction and fantasy equivalent of, say, the People’s Choice Awards.

In other words, it’s about as big a deal for a Canadian genre author as any national award could be, and I’d like to extend my hearty congratulations to Edward on behalf of the rest of the Futurismic team.

You can see all the nominees for all the categories at the Prix Aurora Awards website, but here’s the Long Form English category list in full:

  • After the Fires – Ursula Pflug [Tightrope Books]
  • Identity Theft And Other Stories – Robert J. Sawyer [Red Deer Press]
  • Impossibilia – Douglas Smith [PS Publishing]
  • Defining Diana – Hayden Trenholm [Bundoran Press]
  • Marseguro – Edward Willett [DAW Books]

Congratulations to one and all! Canadian readers of Futurismic, please consider supporting the Auroras by registering to vote – even if Edward’s book isn’t your choice, your involvement will help ensure that this award (and others like it) continues to recognise the hard work of genre authors the world over.

[ Full disclosure: I am a contractor to PS Publishing. ]