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42Blips – do you digg science fiction?

Via Tobias Buckell (who got an early beta invitation, don’tcha know) comes news of 42Blips, a community bookmarking site that aims to bring the functionality of Digg to the sphere of science fiction.

42Blips logo

Having taken a look, the first of my fears was allayed – there are actually quite a few front-page stories about sf books and writers, as well as the inevitable TV show puff-pieces. However, there haven’t been many votes cast yet, so all that could change… which brings me to my second concern, which is whether or not science fiction is a big enough community to sustain (or even need) a project like 42Blips. It’s not like online fandom isn’t pretty close-knit already, AMIRITE?

But hey, that’s for fandom to determine, not me – so go take a look if you fancy it. Just one request – don’t turn it into the sort of puerile fool-fest that Digg itself has become, PLS? KTHXBAI.