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Away at Eastercon

Hey, folks – just a note to let you know I’m away drinking beer and talking books networking with other sf publishing professionals at Eastercon this weekend, and that I’m treating it as a largely-away-from-the-internet holiday.

Of course, I’m never completely away from the internet (who is?), but what I mean is that I’m not working this weekend, which means no posts here, and Sarah’s next episode of Personal Information will be posted a little later than usual (unless I convince someone to lend me a laptop for half an hour). Yeah, I know, the real blog pros write new content in advance, or get in a guest blogger to fill the gap… but time has been both short and fraught of late, I’m afraid, and I had no chance to do either. My bad. Forgive me? Go read Eric Del Carlo’s new story instead. Go on.

Who knows, though – if I’m moderately drunk you’re really lucky, I might post some fuzzy cameraphone shots of genre fiction notables from my phone… and you can always follow my ramblings on Twitter for on-the-spot reportage and BSFA Award results and stuff (as well as via other attendees on the #eastercon hashtag, no doubt). How’s that for a deal sweetener, huh?

Have a good weekend, everyone. 🙂

Screw WorldCon; I wish I’d been at DefCon

So, the great and the good of science fiction and fantasy literature are all off to Montreal for this year’s WorldCon, and I’m not bitter and twisted in the slightest… after all, I can keep up to date on the gossip and action from innumerable sources, not least of which is the remarkably fully-featured ConReporter blog. Today’s Tomorrows columnist Brenda Cooper has promised us a con report on her return, too.

But as I think I’ve mentioned before, fandom really needs to up its game as far as convention badges are concerned, because the geeks and hackers at DefCon get badges that look like this:

DefCon 2009 delegate badge

C’mon, admit it: that whips the hell out of a laminated card on a lanyard. It also has hardware built into it that allows it to network with all the other cards from the same series (and plenty of other funky techno-gimcrackery, too).

And while I’d quite enjoy a long weekend of sitting around in a moderately posh hotel and nattering about (or even to) my favourite authors and critics, there’s a lot to learn at DefCon as well. Someone demonstrated an entirely mechanical hack of a supposedly unpickable electromechanical lock [via BoingBoing], and a gang of ATM skimmer-scammers unwittingly bit off way more than they could chew by planting a bogus ATM at the convention venue [via SlashDot].

Who knows – maybe someone managed to work out what the Conficker worm is actually for, and why it appears to have been abandoned to self-replicating autonomy by its creators [also via SlashDot]?

More seriously, though, I really wish I was going to Montreal for the weekend; one of the joys of fandom as a community is the sense of being part of a network of people who are passionate about the same stuff as you, but the downside is that you rarely get to see all those friends and colleagues in the flesh.

If you’re going to WorldCon, be sure to have yourself a damn good time… and raise a beer or two for me, OK?

Vicarious WorldCon!

Wishing you were hobnobbing with the great and the good of science fiction at Denvention this weekend? Yeah, me too.

But the wonderful world of the blogosphere means you can experience it at a few removes… among the many people blogging from the scene is Futurismic‘s very own Edward Willett, so pop on over to Hassenpfeffer to see what he’s been up to.

He’s got a photoset going on Flickr, too – I guess missing out on the mammoth queues is one plus point to being stuck at home:

Queuing at Denvention3

Of course, it’s quite possible to find experiencing Worldcons through the medium of blogging to be rather dull and tedious… your mileage may vary. 😉

[Image courtesy Edward Willett – all rights reserved]

Find science fiction conventions by zip code

Conventions are the social backbone of the science fiction scene, and the old adage says that there’s always one taking place somewhere. Question is, how do you locate them?

John Joseph Adams suggested some fan with web-smarts should step into the breach and knock together a website for locating conventions by US zip code, and within less than a day Nathan Lilly (who is also the editor of SpaceWesterns.com, by the way) had done exactly that with Con Finder.

Who says fandom can’t get things done quickly, eh? Now, Nathan, if you could just upgrade it to global coverage – let’s say by Sunday night?