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Away at Eastercon

Hey, folks – just a note to let you know I’m away drinking beer and talking books networking with other sf publishing professionals at Eastercon this weekend, and that I’m treating it as a largely-away-from-the-internet holiday.

Of course, I’m never completely away from the internet (who is?), but what I mean is that I’m not working this weekend, which means no posts here, and Sarah’s next episode of Personal Information will be posted a little later than usual (unless I convince someone to lend me a laptop for half an hour). Yeah, I know, the real blog pros write new content in advance, or get in a guest blogger to fill the gap… but time has been both short and fraught of late, I’m afraid, and I had no chance to do either. My bad. Forgive me? Go read Eric Del Carlo’s new story instead. Go on.

Who knows, though – if I’m moderately drunk you’re really lucky, I might post some fuzzy cameraphone shots of genre fiction notables from my phone… and you can always follow my ramblings on Twitter for on-the-spot reportage and BSFA Award results and stuff (as well as via other attendees on the #eastercon hashtag, no doubt). How’s that for a deal sweetener, huh?

Have a good weekend, everyone. 🙂