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Electric Velocipede and Night Shade Books get it on

Electric Velocipede cover art for double-issue 15 and 16Great news for genre fiction fans of all stripes: Night Shade Books are teaming up with the excellent short fiction and poetry magazine Electric Velocipede. You can read the whole press release announcement if you like, but I’ll pick out the following part for those of Futurismic‘s readers resident in the US:

In celebration of this momentous alliance, Night Shade Books and Electric Velocipede are proud to announce a subscription drive: sign up for a one year subscription or renewal, and we’ll send you your choice of any two in-print Night Shade paperbacks or trade hardcovers! Just list your selections in the comments field when placing your order. Sorry, this offer applies only to United States subscribers only.

That’s a pretty good deal right there; Night Shade have put out some great novels and collections (I particularly recommend Walter Jon WilliamsImplied Spaces), and Electric Velocipede has never disappointed me in the two years I’ve been a subscriber.