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Friday Free Fiction for 7th September

First off, stories from within stories – a compendium of Kilgore Trout stories detached from the Vonnegut novels in which they originally appeared.

Now, the old-school:

If you were put off by the vast size of the H. G. Wells collection last week, you might prefer to go one story at a time. Courtesy of manybooks.net, “The Crystal Egg” and “Tales of Space and Time”.

From the same source, “Sense from Thought Divide” by Mark Irvin Clifton and “The Stutterer” by R.R. Merliss.

Meanwhile, Project Gutenberg has Murray Leinster’s Sand Doom, and Irving W. Lande’s Slingshot.

Then the new-school:

Clarkesworld Magazine has a new story this month, as always: “Lost Soul” by M. P. Ericson.


Writers, editors and anyone else – if you want something you’ve written or published on the web for free mentioned here, drop me (Paul Raven) an email to the address listed for me on the Staff page, and I’ll include it in next week’s round-up.