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Taser firing flying saucer drone

At the very end of an article discussing the ongoing controversy of using stun guns (which often quotes Antoine di Zazzo, founder of the French company Taser) we find this gem:

Di Zazzo’s French company is developing a mini-flying saucer like drone which could also fire Taser stun rounds on criminal suspects or rioting crowds. He expects it to be launched next year and to be sold internationally by Taser.

Is it just me, or does this sound like an incredibly bad idea?

Levitation and flying saucers

First the good news – scientists may have cracked a way of making objects levitate. Now the bad news – this jiggery-pokery with something called the Casimir force only works at the nanoscale so far. [OhGizmo!]

Which means it’s no use for making commercial flying machines, of course, which is a shame. But new environmental pressures are bringing new ideas and designs to the aviation table – I’d really like to see this ‘flying saucer’ aircraft concept make it into the commercial arena. [BeyondTheBeyond]