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Cycling the lights, twitching the curtains

Hey, folks; just a quick note to say that the move went pretty well, all told, and that I’m now safely back on the south coast of the Disunited Kingdom.

Thanks to the convergence of a big batch of public holidays and a spate of ludicrously clement weather (plus a first few shifts at my new summer job), I have yet to get back into the swing of my accustomed work routines… and given that I’m up the line in London tomorrow and Thursday (for the Arthur C Clarke Award ceremony, among other things), and that some aristocratic nuptials will be distracting a significant portion of the world on Friday, and that Friday also marks the day that a stable internet connection that I don’t have to pay for by the hour will be turning up in the house where I’m currently staying… well, let’s just say that I’m not going to be doing much here at Futurismic until next week, at which point normal service (such as it ever is around here) will be resumed.

Thanks for your patience, and hope all is well with you all. 🙂