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Thought-controlled avatars for Second Life

Second Life avatars While it may obviously be some time before this technology becomes widely available to the average consumer, I’m fascinated to see a Japanese team of scientists developing a thought-control interface device that can direct the movement of a Second Life avatar. Something like that could really revolutionize the platform … although given the slightly hysterical media reports of, er, dubious pastimes in the virtual world, I’m sure people will leap to conclusions about why users would want their hands free … [Image by Pathfinder Linden]

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Eye-tracking tech to replace mouse within five years

eyeball close-upAs someone who started using computers back in the good old days when you had to bash every instruction into the keyboard at the command prompt, I still feel kind of grateful for the revolutionary interface change that the now-standard mouse brought with it. But after a few hours trawling the web, my right hand starts telling me that there has to be a better way. And there is, thanks to a bunch of boffins from Stanford University who’ve developed a system that allows you to replicate the functions of a mouse interface using a few keyboard hotkeys and the motion of your eyeballs.

What a great cover-up for hangovers in the workplace that will be – “Your eyes are bloodshot – heavy night out?” “Nah, stayed at home and read a Doctorow novel.” [Image by babygoldfish]