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H.G. Wells on a roll: Time after Time becomes a musical

H_G_Wells Another entry in my quixotic quest to keep you posted on SFfish stuff on the stage: hard on the heels of the stage version of The Time Machine I blogged about earlier comes the news that Time after Time, the movie in which H.G. Wells uses his time machine to pursue Jack the Ripper to the modern era, is being turned into a musical. (Via SyFy Portal.)

Although it’s still early going on the project, playwright and lyricist Stephen Cole says:

“We have done several readings and the show is ready for a full fledged production…We have a prominent director interested who’s chomping at the bit and a producer with money. We’re looking for a proper venue to try it out and work on it. Musicals are tough to get right and the more work you can do in front of a real audience the better.”

Why Time after Time and not The Time Machine itself? Because, says Cole:

“I met a director who was interested in a sci-fi musical, so I considered ‘The Time Machine’ and told him to watch ‘Time After Time’ for reference…Eventually I realized a musical with Morlocks would be a surefire flop and became more enamored with Meyer’s film. Then I got the rights.”

Personally, I think a chorus kick-line of Morlocks would be boffo box office, but that’s just me.

(Image: Wikimedia Commons.)

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Frankenstein lives–as a musical!

Frankenstein the Musical In my quixotic attempt to keep the Futurismic readership updated on musicals with a SFnal aspect, I give you Frankenstein: The Musical, which has just begun performances at 37 Arts, an off-Broadway theatre in New York. Opening night is Thursday, November 1.

Brian Aldiss, for one, argues that Frankenstein was the first true science fiction novel. He makes a persuasive argument in his history of SF, Billion-Year Spree (later revised as Trillion-Year Spree–inflation was a killer in the ’70s and ’80s). (Image: Frankenstein: The Musical.)

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