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Science fiction’s stars of tomorrow – who do you rate?

The SF Signal gang have been running another of their ‘Mind Meld’ pieces. This time they asked a bunch of genre notables which up-and-coming writers they thought would be the next generation of sf’s big hitters. Here’s the final list, based on frequency of mentions:

  • Paolo Bacigalupi (4 mentions)
  • Darryl Gregory (4)
  • Benjamin Rosenbaum (3 mentions)
  • Cory Doctorow (3)
  • Jay Lake (3)
  • David Moles (3)
  • Chris Roberson (3)
  • Vandana Singh (3)
  • Elizabeth Bear (2 mentions)
  • Alan DeNiro (2)
  • Alex Irvine (2)
  • Ted Kosmatka (2)
  • Paul Melko (2)
  • Naomi Novik (2)
  • Tim Pratt (2)
  • Jason Stoddard (2)
  • Karen Traviss (2)
  • Scott Westerfeld (2)

We’re pleased to see two Futurismic alumni in that list – Jay Lake and Jason Stoddard. No mention of Tobias Buckell, though, which seems surprising to me – and not just because he used to blog here, either.

There’s also a lively discussion thread going on, with plenty of other writers pitching in with their suggestions and refutations. What about you guys – who would Futurismic‘s readers add to (or remove from) that list?