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Protective workwear supplied: cleaning the Burj Dubai

File under science fictional employment opportunities: the Burj Dubai (that ludicrously huge tower in Dubai which we’ve mentioned here before) is finally open for business (if there’s any business left, natch), which means they need to keep the thing clean for tourists and visiting dignitaries – quite a challenge when you’re talking about a building that clocks in at over 800m in height. [image courtesy Wikipedia]

There are 23,000 glass panels on that thing, most of which will be cleaned by BMUs (robot Building Maintenance Units), but some of the uppermost sections just can’t be reached without using old-fashioned meatworkers with ropes and harnesses… and to protect them from the harsh sun up there, the workers wear a get-up much like a spacesuit, complete with a backpack full of electrolytic “sports beverage” to keep them hydrated.

Certainly not a job for anyone with phobias of heights. Or claustrophobia, for that matter… [via @Ballardian]

The ultimate in space-geek memorabilia – a genuine Gemini spacesuit

Genuine Gemini spacesuitWe all collect things … some of us more obsessively than others. And we’re all proud of the highlights of our collections, those items that give us big kudos among those with similar interests. Which means that an unnamed friend of renowned artist COOP has secured the kudos crown among space-geeks, having located and purchased the only remaining Gemini spacesuit that wasn’t destroyed or put in a museum somewhere. That’s got to be well worth the re-mortgage he probably had to take out to buy it.