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Hello Everyone!

My name is Thomas James, I am 19 years old and as such have the rest of my life ahead of me.

I love science fiction. I love it for it’s escapism and sense of wonder. I love it for the quirks and eccentricities of the characters and storylines. I love the marching Martian war machines, the stellar sweep of the Vault of Heaven, the dead-channel sky, the nine billion names, Source Victoria, the crushed-coral sands of new beaches and the mysterious pools and endless horizons of this most bountiful of genres.

You get the idea.

What I don’t like is pedestrian plots, cardboard characters, and glaring implausibility. This is why I read Futurismic, and why I’m honoured to be allowed to blog here.

As I mentioned, my biographical details are scant: I was born 19 years ago. I went to school. I dropped out of university (chemical engineering is an extremely difficult subject – plus I was bored).

Now I am trying to decide if I want to go back to university, get a proper job (at the moment I’m working in a call centre – everything you’ve heard about those places is true, a rich seam of science fictional material methinks…) or become a penniless hippy.

My blog is TJ’s Place. It mostly consists of rants about this and that.

Um. Peace out ya’ll!

Enter, stage left

Hello everyone. My name is Justin Pickard, and I’m the most recent addition to Futurismic‘s blogging team.

This time last week, I submitted the final pieces of work for an undergraduate degree in International Relations and Anthropology. Over three years of university life, I’ve developed a diverse set of interests – penning essays on everything from Thai spirit mediums through to ‘cyborg urbanisation‘, copyright piracy, and the geopolitics of the apocalypse.

I put it down to low latent inhibition.

Alongside the tangential academics, I’ve found the time to tackle National Novel Writing Month, spent a summer researching labour activism and the internet. and umpired a role-playing campaign set in the Transhuman Space universe.

More recently, I’ve been blogging and, as one of the Friday Flash Fictioneers, formally declared war on writer’s block. Needless to say, the battle continues.

Right, that’s probably enough about me – let’s get this show on the road!

Into the Futurismic

Greetings Futurismic readers. My name is Stephen Years and I’m one of the new contributors to the Futurismic blog. I’m a high-tech management professional and entrepreneur in California’s Silicon Valley. My current business endeavor is a start-up company that is focused on energy efficiency in data centers.

As a blogger I’m very interested in the intersection of technology, market-forces and culture – and how each changes and modifies the other in a bizarre, continuous feedback loop. As an example, I’m fascinated how the cost of energy is forcing the market to invest in alternative energy sources – and how those new energy sources, once employed significantly, will impact the geopolitical structure. What cultural forces will be unleashed in a Middle East deprived of its primary source of revenue?

I would like to thank Futurismic for this opportunity and I hope you will find my posts enlightening, entertaining and challenging.

My first Futurismic post: it’s all about me! Me! Me!

A photo of Edward Willett First posts are fraught with danger–"you never get a second chance to make a first impression," and all that–but at least in this instance the nerve-wracking decision of what to post about has been taken out of my hands: I’m supposed to introduce myself. (Which also removes the fear of blabbing on about something I know nothing about, I suppose: bonus!)

So. I’m Edward Willett, one of your new Futurismic bloggers. My interest in science fiction goes back to childhood, thanks to the corrupting influence of my two older brothers, and my interest in science stems very much from my interest in SF. I was born in New Mexico, but moved to Weyburn, Saskatchewan, Canada from Texas when I was eight. I studied journalism and art at Harding University in Arkansas, then returned to Weyburn, where I was a newspaper reporter/photographer/columnist/editor/cartoonist (it was a smallish paper) for eight years, before chucking it all in and becoming communications officer for the Saskatchewan Science Centre here in Regina, where I now live.

In 1993 I dumped the workaday life to become a fulltime freelance writer. I’m the author of more than 30 books. First came computer books, then I branched into children’s nonfiction, which I continue to write, on topics that have run the gamut from Ebola Virus to the Iran-Iraq War to biographies of Jimi Hendrix, Orson Scott Card, Janis Joplin and J.R.R. Tolkien (coming soon: Johnny Cash and Andy Warhol!). I’ve also written adult non-fiction, including Genetics Demystified for McGraw-Hill.

Somewhere along the way I sold a few young adult science fiction and fantasy novels to small publishers. In 2005 I sold my first adult science fiction novel, Lost in Translation, to Five Star, and in 2006 DAW Books put it out in mass-market paperback. I have a new science fiction novel, Marseguro, coming out from DAW in February.

I’m the administrative assistant for SF Canada, the association of professional speculative fiction writers of Canada, and maintain the SF Canada news blog. My own personal blog is here.

I write a weekly newspaper science column, which I also podcast. I’m married to a telecommunications engineer and have one daughter. (Oh, and on the side, I’m a professional actor and singer, so if I sneak in a few references to SFnal musical theatre productions, you’ll know why.)

Whew! I’m glad that’s out of the way. That’s way more than enough about me. Now I can think about my first real post…

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Adventures In A Futurismic World

Greetings. My name is Tomas L. Martin, one of the new faces here at Futurismic. I’m a writer and physics student from Bristol, England. I’ve been writing book reviews for SFCrowsnest for years now and if I link to a book I’ve been enjoying, I’ll probably include a link to my review. My short story ‘A Shogun’s Welcome’ featured in Aberrant Dreams #7 and a semi-sequel, ‘The Shogun and The Scientist’ will be out in the anthology The Awakening this January.

Anyone interested in reading my fictional work today could do worse than read miawithoutoil, my fictional blog for the World Without Oil project, in which every day of May this year documented a week of a global oil crisis.

On this blog I hope to produce many posts that will pique the interest of readers. In this strange world, I’m especially interested in some of the major changes happening before our eyes so expect a few entries on climate change, alternative energy and peak oil as well as any other cool stuff I come across on my web travels.