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Futurismic gets a face-lift!

I figured it was high time Futurismic got re-themed, and here are the results – RSS readers, click on through and take a look!

I got the theme developed by running a design contest at SitePoint – there are some really smart designers and coders over there, and I was presented so many great layouts that I wished I could have had them all!

But that wasn’t an option, and this theme by Bart Suykerbuyk edged ahead of the others by hitting just the right notes of look and feel. The runner-up from Muhammad Alfian Ahmad was also great in a very different way – it was a hard choice to make.

So here it is – have a poke around, an feel free to leave admiring comments below, but also please let us know if you find any bugs, glitches or problems of other types. I’d especially like feedback from Futurismic readers using the more obscure browser types.