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Hello Everyone!

My name is Thomas James, I am 19 years old and as such have the rest of my life ahead of me.

I love science fiction. I love it for it’s escapism and sense of wonder. I love it for the quirks and eccentricities of the characters and storylines. I love the marching Martian war machines, the stellar sweep of the Vault of Heaven, the dead-channel sky, the nine billion names, Source Victoria, the crushed-coral sands of new beaches and the mysterious pools and endless horizons of this most bountiful of genres.

You get the idea.

What I don’t like is pedestrian plots, cardboard characters, and glaring implausibility. This is why I read Futurismic, and why I’m honoured to be allowed to blog here.

As I mentioned, my biographical details are scant: I was born 19 years ago. I went to school. I dropped out of university (chemical engineering is an extremely difficult subject – plus I was bored).

Now I am trying to decide if I want to go back to university, get a proper job (at the moment I’m working in a call centre – everything you’ve heard about those places is true, a rich seam of science fictional material methinks…) or become a penniless hippy.

My blog is TJ’s Place. It mostly consists of rants about this and that.

Um. Peace out ya’ll!