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Books you wish had been written, but weren’t

Wired‘s GeekDad blog has a post by Corrina Lawson in which she lists five books she wishes had been written, but which were not. They’re mostly continuations of a much-loved series or character, but none of the ones there particularly flick my switches.

So, I thought “why not throw that one open to the Futurismic gang over the coming long weekend?” Drop into the comments at the bottom of this post and call out the unwritten book (or books) you’d most love to have on your shelves.

I’ll start us off: I’d love for Bruce Sterling to write a sequel to Schismatrix (though I’m very certain he won’t), as I can’t think of another stand-alone novel that paints suuch a broad canvas of universe behind the action, and I’d quite like David Zindell to put aside the fantasy epics he’s doing currently for a return to the Requiem for Homo Sapiens universe – anything that combines deep metaphysical weirdness, galaxy spanning space-opera and subliminal references to the Illuminati is a guaranteed winner in this household.

What about you – if you could cause one unwritten book to be published, what would it be, and why?