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What little headline mojo I have has deserted me

We interrupt this broadcast to bring you the weirdest and most brain-bending un-Shooped image I’ve seen in ages… and that in a year that’s been pretty strong on brain-bending images.

Bregenz Opera festival stage set

The image is copyright Felix Kaestle/Associated Press, and can be found on this Wall Street Journal photoblog page; the caption says it’s “part of the stage setting for the opera ‘Andre Chenier’ by Italian composer Umberto Giordano, which will premiere [at Lake Constance near Bregenz, Austria] in July.” [Found via This Isn’t Happiness]

Personally, I suspect it’s actually an artefact left behind by one of the more playful interventionist splinters of The Culture. WE MAY NEVER KNOW FOR SURE.

Macrograffiti: Communist slogans carved into forests

No commentary or speculation this time; I’m just throwing this up here because it tickled my WTF spot, and I thought it might do the same for you lot.

So: Soviet-era Russian forestry projects that form political slogans when viewed from space. Bam.

'100 years to Lenin' - Communist slogan cut into Russian forest

There’s a whole bunch of these (plus the Google Maps coordinates, so you can see they’re not ‘shopped) at the consistently bizarre EnglishRussia blog; the hat-tip goes to Strangeharvest.