World’s largest nuclear explosion video

Big freaking boom. It’s small blurry video, but the incredible massiveness of it all is still amazing. The plume rises above the cloud layer.

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  1. What’s with the Dutch Discovery Channel and Dutch television in general? How do they get so many things that never play anywhere else, not even on independent television?

  2. I like the comment about it leaving no radioactive fallout. Every single above ground nuclear explosion added to the radioactivity in the atmosphere. It helps explain why so many children all over the world are getting cancer. When I was at school in England 50 years ago I didn’t come across one single child with cancer the whole time I was there. Cancer was a disease of old age. Now it is common, ultimately caused by fear and paranoia and this obsession to be safe, beyond the reach of our enemies, able to retaliate in such a massive way that no one would dare attack us. All a bit silly really.

  3. Bomb, Iran has just flashed George Bush, … I mean:

    Today, the shadow of the architects of earlier wars,
    continues as a permanent war economy [Military Industrial
    Complex] with proliferation of ever more horrific weapons for
    future wars. In the interim period between wars, the
    technologies developed for the last war are used to develop
    new weapon systems, one could call exotic weapons, for the
    next war. The atomic and other technologies introduced in
    World War II, have been secretly developed during the Cold
    War, into new directed energy weapons which seem beyond
    the realm of possibility.

    (see: “I Think We’re All Bozos On This Bus” – The Firesign
    Theatre) to understand the technical vastness of the future.

    Never mind Liberty and Justice for All…er, Hey dude, where’s
    my National Healthcare system? 12 Billion $ a month…nuff said.

  4. This is the blast that made the American lose their fudge. October 1961. Popularly called Tsar Bomba. The design was for a 100 megaton fusion bomb (about 6500 times the power of the Hiroshima atomic bomb). It was altered to yield 50 megatons (while still proving the design).

    Apparently it was reported to a meeting of President Kennedy and various advisers. The response, reportedly, was dead silence. The Americans had no idea the Soviets could build such a weapon.

    The US is still more arrogant today.

  5. Hush, now. The silence we as americans feel from the ‘shock and awe’ of this video is
    none different than that felt by those at Nagasaki and Hiroshima. To imply that we
    have no right to match our oust such a weapon is, in fact, arrogance.

  6. The longer I live, the more I realize that “men” in particular, are crazy; men in the military are brain-washed; men in power apparently live to bully, conquer and control; they live for money and power. To even have such a weapon in the world proves we are all insane. Differences should be settled through diplomacy; and if that doesn’t seem to work, then they should put the heads of each country in a room – and let them battle it out themselves – face to face – like real warriors used to do – …. Let them kill each other – but not all the innocent men, women, children and animals and life itself – in the world. We all have to “grow up” – and learn to love and respect our dying planet, as well as each other. Love is truly the only important thing in the world. If there is a God, – any ol’ type of God – … and assuming God is good,… then we must stop this insanity of nuclear weapons – and the insanity of war – itself.

  7. wars destroy every things
    so our world will be agly
    think about what is going on gasa for a sac

  8. You know, scientists are also just big kids. Ever take (for those who are old enough to remember) those “bang cap” rolls, and take like 2 or 3 boxes of them , lay them side by side, then hit them HARD with a cinderblock just to see how loud a BANG you could make? Could be the same situation here. Arent you just a LITTLE bit curious to see how big a BOOOOOM a 100 megaton device would make? LMAO

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