The personal food analyzer: one step closer to a tricorder

Tricorder Philips has come up with a design for a tiny food analyzer, something that small food companies could afford: and something that raises the distinct possibility the day may not be far off when you’ll be able to carry your own personal food analyzer around with you to make sure you really are eating steak and not soy, or drinking Guinness and not somebody’s backyard brew with a load of food coloring in it (although if you can’t tell if you’re drinking real Guinness, you probably shouldn’t be allowed to drink it, anyway).

It’s all being made possible by “lab-on-a-chip” technology which puts the components for this kind of analysis on a single computer chip–just like in a Star Trek tricorder. (Via New Scientist, which made the Star Trek comparison first, so don’t blame me!)

Read the complete patent application.

(Photo: Wikimedia Commons.)

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2 thoughts on “The personal food analyzer: one step closer to a tricorder”

  1. Sounds interesting, but the design is so odd!
    Looks like one from a 1950s sci-fi movie.
    Handy little item, would be a great idea, but I guess we’re still a long way from analyzing food from a distance…

  2. Traveler, that is a picture of the Classic Star Trek TV show’s Tricorder. That’s why it looks old-fashioned–because it’s 1960’s designed!

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