Subcutaneous touch-screen tattoo

Paul Raven @ 22-02-2008

Yet more potential transhumanist body-modification! File under “you must all send me money until I can afford one of these”:

blood fueled subcutaneous touchscreen display

The strapline for the image on the Physorg report reads: “Waterproof and powered by pizza”. 🙂 [Via Chris Roberson and many others]

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4 Responses to “Subcutaneous touch-screen tattoo”

  1. Edward Willett says:

    I mention something a bit like this in my novel Marseguro, although I did it with futuristic nanotech…

  2. Khannea Suntzu says:

    What people wouldnt do to be able to watch porn all day. … only my sure you dont have the vid installed on your dominant arm !

  3. Kian says:

    The possiblities for such a device would be immense. However imagine the possible crime issues as well…

  4. Mr Needit says:

    This shit is cool…. i want 2 please….