Taking my first baby steps

Hello all!  My name’s Jeremy Eades and I’ll be one of the new Futurismic bloggers.  Originally from the Midwestern US, I’ve pulled up roots and am currently teaching English in Japan.  Besides travelling, cycling and long walks on the beach, I’m a voracious reader – a difficult and expensive proposition in a non English-speaking country.  I’ve also got a pipe dream of becoming an influential and powerful writer with an army of minions fans, but I think you have to write before you can become a writer.

In any case, I’ll be bringing you the latest in cool stuff the pulp sci-fi writers of the 50s only dreamed of, and other science fiction-y goodness.

3 thoughts on “Taking my first baby steps”

  1. Hi Jeremy & welcome! To feed your need to read, I suggest using BookMooch.com — many people on that site will send overseas (including me), and a whole lotta books are available. Good luck!

  2. Thanks for the recommendation, Chuck LeDuc. I’ve had a couple offers from friends as well. Glad to hear there’s a support community out there.

  3. Gah! I hate going first. Can’t believe I didn’t do any self-promotion. Until it gets put up somewhere in my bio, you can check out my blog at: wilcotangofoxtrot.blogspot.com

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