Drinking Fresh Air

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been reading articles about the looming “water crisis”: the point at which the amount of potable water on the planet is surpassed by the human population’s demand for it, leading to regional and global warfare, genocide, cats and dogs living together–mass hysteria. If the threat this crisis poses is indeed valid, the work of Canadian company Wataire, a Star Wars-style air moisture harvester, is quite promising.

2 thoughts on “Drinking Fresh Air”

  1. Come on, we all know the real water harvesters came from Frank Herbert’s Dune 😉

    seriously though, their estimates of 10 gallons over 24 hours faces the same issues as energy production. There are going to be spikes in demand, I suppose this can be handled by cacheing (sp?) though. Also their estimates work on a 73% humidity and 74 degrees temp, I’m curious to see what happens in a place like Phoenix Arizona where humidity can be easily half that with temps jumping above and below.

    interesting idea, I’d love to see how robust the system is

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