Change The System (Without Changing The System?)

I’d love to think that a “movement” like Unity ’08 (which strives to nominate a Democrat and a Republican for President and Vice-President in 2008) could actually influence the course of American politics, but I can’t help but thinking its founders are indulging in magical thinking. American politics is in the sorry state it is not because Democrats and Republicans just don’t realize a lot of Americans are turned off by partisan politics, but because the current structure of American elections favors the party that does partisan politics best. Unity ’08 is not going to change the system by playing by the system’s rules — if they want to do that they need to come at it from outside the system.

That said, it would be cool to see an all online primary.

One thought on “Change The System (Without Changing The System?)”

  1. Interesting idea in the lede–but how must the system change to not favor the party that does partizan politics the best?

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