Der Gubernator Goes Solar

Making good on one of his long-term platforms, Governor Schwarzenegger has passed a law that will see California become a leading state for the production of renewable energy. The bill aims to produce 3000 megawatts of power by 2018, by installing a million rooftop solar panels across the state – that’s the equivalent of five pollution-free power plants. Coupled with this are moves to cut greenhouse emissions and tax credits for developers who include solar power as an option in new homes – let’s hope that where California leads, others will follow.

One thought on “Der Gubernator Goes Solar”

  1. Depending on the economics of the bill, this could be a great thing. I read an earlier article that made it sound like the bill would mandate that all new houses be built with solar panels. That makes me worry about affordable housing, and squeezing the poorest home buyers out of the market. But this more recent article sounds like it is only an option, and also mentions there will be state funding, hopefully to offset costs to builders and buyers alike.

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