Big Brother Badges

Bad news for amotivated employees – that secret cubby where you lurk while goofing off won’t stay secret for long. As soon as your employer insists you wear one of Hitachi’s new wifi / RFID-enabled name badges, they’ll be able to track your every move over their wireless network connection. Of course, the system is designed to improve security in the workplace, but the potential for intrusive employee monitoring is more than obvious. Just remember – if you’ve done nothing wrong, you have nothing to fear. Probably.

One thought on “Big Brother Badges”

  1. “same as it ever was”

    Good employers won’t do this and bad employers will do what they’ve always done.

    Which is to say that without RFID badges they’d still find ways to snoop on employees. Keylogging, time clocks, time and motion studies – they’re just tools.

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