Rentabots Last All Summer Long

The problems with human employees are the obvious ones – they need to eat, sleep and take various other bio-breaks, and their rights to do so are unfortunately protected by law. Well, if you’re paying by the hour, why not get real value for money? Japanese businesses can now rent robotic receptionists at an hourly rate which, at $445 for sixty minutes, isn’t going to scale to well for a while yet. But give it few years, factor in employee insurance and benefits, and the pink slips will start flying …

One thought on “Rentabots Last All Summer Long”

  1. How long before technologies like these trickle down into the realms of I am awkwardly walking, fully functional animated dolls? I’d love investing big money in them and becoming a cyberpimp.

    Better still, telepresence operated realdolls, run by some agile tele-operator in a low wage country?

    All options are on the table.

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