Peak uranium?

Nuclear fission is increasingly being viewed as a viable solution to not just the climate crisis but also the dwindling world supplies of fossil fuels. Even leaving safety debates aside, this could be a blind alley for US energy plans, as MIT reports that there may not be enough uranium available to expand the number of reactors significantly. Which, given the increase in demand for reactor build permits, could cause some serious problems in the mid- to long term.

4 thoughts on “Peak uranium?”

  1. I read the linked article – you don’t quite have it right.

    There is enough of the stuff to go around – but there has not been enough demand recently to make it profitable to open mines, explore for more, or run facilities to process uranium into fuel.

    This isn’t a scarcity issue but an economics one.

  2. Oil is running out already. Coal will run out in a while. No renewable energy source can produce predicted demand by 2100. So if uranium runs out too, we either have to figure out that low-energy lifestyle, or start working now on persuading Hilary Clinton to put vast amounts of money into fusion research. Or wait for the war to start.

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