Free fiction and author interviews

It’s always the way – you spend a week away from your RSS feeds and you come back to discover a mountain of goodies in among the LOLcats and Google acquisitions hype. Here’s some great stuff for science fiction fans across the web at the moment:


Subterranean have released yet more quality material in the latest edition of their online magazine. Any day that sees an original Gene Wolfe story come available for free is a red-letter day in my calendar.


Fresh from his virtual book-signing tour, John Scalzi posts an interview with Allen Steele, author of many sf novels including the ‘Coyote’ series and his latest, Spindrift.


And if you’re too tired to read, then thank the good people at Orbit Books for pointing out that you can watch a short video interview with the legend that is Charlie Stross, talking about his novel The Atrocity Archives.