Friday Free Fiction for 17th August

Orbit are sharing the first chapter of The Electric Church by Jeff Somers.

Project Gutenberg has uploaded Valley of Dreams by Stanley G. Weinbaum, and Brain Twister by Gordon Randall Garrett and Laurence Mark Janifer.

AntipodeanSF Issue #110 is now live – lots of free fiction to be had there.

Robert Reed’s Eight Episodes is up for grabs for free on Fictionwise.

Electric Velocipede (an excellent small-press print mag in its own right) has made the Jeffrey Ford story “The Way He Does It” available online.

Concatenation has David Brin’s short piece”Reality Check”, written for Nature Magazine’s “Futures” series, available as a PDF.

In a similar vein, Cosmos Magazine has “Time Travelling: A Quick Reference Guide” by Robert Friedman.

Fantasy & Science Fiction magazine is sharing the love with Scott Bradfield’s story, “Angry Duck”.

Alan DeNiro has released a lengthy sf narrative poem entitled “The Stations” under a Creative Commons licence … so you can not only read it, but remix it too, should you wish.

Last but not least, and not strictly fictional either, John “Bacon-Cat” Scalzi has interviewed Futurismic’s very own Tobias Buckell about his writing career, and the pervasive influence his Caribbean roots have had on his work.

Writers, editors and anyone else – if you want something you’ve written or published on the web for free mentioned here, drop me (Paul Raven) an email to the address listed for me on the Staff page, and I’ll include it in next week’s round-up.