Futurismic needs YOU!

Futuristic City - digital art image by P1X3L

OK, ladies and gents – Futurismic is looking for a few good bloggers.

What we need from you is enthusiasm for the sort of topics we cover here (science fictional near-future phenomena and technogeekery with a slant toward the plausible), a commitment to doing at least one post per weekday (or more if you like), and some sort of writing experience, be it as a blogger or anything else.

What can we offer you in return? The chance for your writing to reach a wider audience, and to share your enthusiasm for science fiction literature and the ideas it deals with. What we can’t offer you is money – the only people who have ever made money from Futurismic are the authors of the short stories we publish, because that’s what the site is all about. The Futurismic team do it for the love – no matter how much our families and loved ones may rue us for it sometimes!

Still interested? Good! Drop me (Paul Raven) an email to the address hyperlinked in my name on the staff page. Put ‘Futurismic blogger enquiry’ in the title so as not to get caught in my spam traps, and send me the following:

  • A short paragraph about yourself and your relationship to science fiction
  • Links to your own blog, or other writing of yours available online
  • A couple of samples of the sort of post you’d contribute to Futurismic – we’re happy for you to have your own voice, indeed we’d prefer you to, but we like to keep things fairly short and snappy. If you follow the site regularly, you should know what I mean.

I’ll read them through, and get back to you as soon as I possibly can. Looking forward to hearing from you! [Awesome Futuristic City image borrowed from P1X3L]

3 thoughts on “Futurismic needs YOU!”

  1. Not necessarily, Paul. To me it implies informed speculation about the future.

    I can’t speak for everybody who contributes to this group blog, but I suspect most would reject the rather naive, Victorian-flavored notion of boundless progress that you suggest.

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