Semi-sentient Storm botnet fights back

computer innards OK, I might be stretching the point with "semi-sentient", but it still has all the hallmarks of a bad AI thriller movie plot. The infamous and still-growing botnet created by the Storm worm virus is able to detect when its command and control structure is being probed by computer security types, and launch denial-of-service attacks at them in retaliation. While some experts believe that Storm has pretty much run its course, others estimate that it may be sitting on a power-base of more than 15 million infected machines, waiting to be hired out to the highest bidder. It’s a long step from the golden era of the Christmas Tree and Friday The Thirteenth viruses. [Via BoingBoing] [Image by RileyRoxx]

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One thought on “Semi-sentient Storm botnet fights back”

  1. A lot of virus and computer experts seem baffled by Storm. No one has seen one that doesn’t act overtly malicious before. It’s quite creepy. Maybe it’s trying to become Skynet…

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