Organic food proven to be better for you

Peppers such as these may be better for you grown organicallyWith the organic food market growing and growing, it’s easy to wonder just how much difference it makes. Are just paying more for the same input to our bodies? A group of food scientists grew a number of different crops and animal produce, one lot entirely organic, the other non-organic. They found that organic fruit, vegetables and especially milk had more antioxidants and healthy fatty acids. It’s interesting to note that the most technologically advanced option isn’t always the best one – future agriculture will have to combine new inventions with older techniques if it wants to hit the sweet spot of good food. Now I’m glad I got that subscription to Abel and Cole veg boxes.

[via the guardian, image by nevermind her]

2 thoughts on “Organic food proven to be better for you”

  1. Today we have cheap and abundant food because farmers use pesticides and fertilizers. I like organic food but I’m not sure organic farming could produce enough food at reasonable cost to feed the world population.

    For example, I can afford to pay $3.99/lb. for organic brown rice, but I don’t think the 3rd world family, making $200/month, would find this affordable.

  2. “During the four-year project, Prof Leifert’s team, which is based at the university’s Tesco centre for organic agriculture…”

    So, a group of scientists whose pay checks depend on organic food have announced that organic food is better? Color me skeptical.

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