New Dawn Fades – punk rock speculative fiction zine

New Dawn Fades cover artThe two things dearest to me would be science fiction and music with loud guitars in it, so what could possibly be better than something that blends them together?

That’s exactly the idea behind New Dawn Fades, a bi-annual print zine that aims to be the crazed hillbilly father at a polygamist shotgun wedding between punk rock, science fiction, fantasy, horror, slipstream, surrealism, magic realism, and the sh*t that’s just plain weird.”

New Dawn Fades is a project of one Jason Heller, who wrote the rather superb story “Behold: Skowt!” that appeared on Apex Online recently – if they turn out to be of equal quality, he’ll be on to a winner. Although destined to be predominantly print, some material will apparently be overflowing onto the New Dawn Fades website, so keep an eye out.