Wearable projector augments your reality and makes every surface an interface

This one’s doing the rounds everywhere, and with some justification. I try to steer away from pure OMG TECH! posts here at Futurismic, but if this doesn’t kick you right in the cyberpunk-sensawunda gland with a big pair of hob-nailed boots… well, you’re obviously not as massive an unreconstructed nerd as I am, basically.

See what I mean? As I remarked to a fried on Twitter last night, I’ll cheerfully trade my mortal soul to the first cellphone provider that offers me something that can do all that. Awesome. [via Hack-a-Day and many others]

3 thoughts on “Wearable projector augments your reality and makes every surface an interface”

  1. Th scary thing is, in 20 years time, we’ll be taking all that for granted. It’ll be just another application on our phone, along with a life logger and a heart monitor.

  2. I don’t know, this just doesn’t seem to blow me away all that much. It’s great, don’t get me wrong, especially the fact that its only $400 as it’s something pretty much cobbled together from existing technology, but augmented reality people have been pursuing this for a long time. It just came down in size from a backpack computer to a smartphone and utilizes bluetooth. Why not focus on having a pair of glasses with bluetooth and you could get the same thing. A bit more difficult, but a bunch of people are working on this now. And they’ve got to come up with something slicker than optical recognition of gestures.

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