eROCKIT – 50mph electro-assist bicycle

File under “wow, gimme one of those!” – the eROCKIT bike is described by its creators as “a new vehicle category, the human-machine-hybrid”. A trifle hyperbolic, perhaps, but it’s still pretty awesome. Watch:

The eROCKIT bridges the gap between the regular two wheeler categories. On one side the muscle-powered two wheelers, on the other side, the motorcycles. The eROCKIT concept requires a continuous muscle deployment from the rider. The vehicle’s electronic system multiplies this muscle power and deploys it as vehicle propulsion.

For the first time in the history of vehicle construction, the driver’s physical power becomes just as relevant for driving dynamics and speed as technical vehicle properties and engine power.

Send me one for review, please! Because I sure as hell can’t afford the €33,000 price tag… [via NextBigFuture]

2 thoughts on “eROCKIT – 50mph electro-assist bicycle”

  1. In 2008, about 120,000 electric bicycles were sold in Holland, increasing the market share of the e-bike to 10%.

    Actually, right now, demand outruns supply, otherwise more would have been sold.

    Keep in mind, though, that these ‘electrically assisted’ push bikes automatically switch their e-motor off when they go faster than 25 kilometres per hour.

    Reason: otherwise bicyclists must wear a helmet (which we hate to do as Dutch bicyclist).

    Cheapest model is 1300 euros, extra light carbon fiber models go for 5300 euros.

    A few weeks ago, when going home in very strong headwind, I was overtaken by a granny who seemed to speed with ease. It took me a while to realise she was riding a e-bike (and you hardly hear the e-motor: a very soft whirr).

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