With no direction at all – Dylan to voice your next satnav

Now talking devices are becoming more commonplace, the need for them to have interesting and appealing voices increases. The latest celebrity to lend their larynx to technology – in this case a satnav unit – may apparently be none other than Bob Dylan.

I’m opening myself up to a blizzard of abuse here, but as much as I admire Dylan’s lyrics, his voice has always rubbed me up completely the wrong way; I’d rather listen to someone torturing cats. Now, if you offered me a satnav voiced by Maynard James Keenan of Tool, complete with furious screeches and profanity when you fail to make the correct turn… that might even be worth buying a car for.

One thought on “With no direction at all – Dylan to voice your next satnav”

  1. No abuse here at all for your comments. In fact, they made me laugh. Especially the Maynard part. Of course, he’d never lend his voice to a car, but if he did, it’d be hillarity. I don’t think he’d curse at you if you made a wrong turn, he’d probably encourage you to drive off a cliff.

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