Futurismic fiction submissions form closed! (But not for long.)

The title says it all, folks – as of April 1st (no joke) we’re shutting down the fiction submissions webform here at Futurismic so that hard-workin’ Chris East can catch up on the slush mountain and get some well-deserved time away.

So if you’ve been working on something to send to us, you’ve got a chance to rest your manuscript a little before doing another edit or rewrite, to familiarise yourself with our guidelines (a huge percentage of the stories we reject are rejected simply because they ignored the guidelines, so the five minutes it’ll take to read ’em will be well spent) and perhaps researching some of the other fine paying venues for genre fiction that are open to new material, be they online or off.

(Do bear in mind that the good people at Apex Magazine are closing to subs for a while, too… which if nothing else suggests that fiction editors approach burnout at similar speeds. 😉 )

But fear not – we’ve got a whole bunch of super new stories waiting in inventory, and we’ll be reopening for submissions again real soon. In the meantime, we hope you’ll keep reading along… there’ll be a brand new story later today!

4 thoughts on “Futurismic fiction submissions form closed! (But not for long.)”

  1. Thanks, Paul — and by the way, I do still have a bunch of submissions to review, which I hope to do in the next couple of weeks. So no need to panic if you haven’t heard back from us yet.

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