The wanderer returns

Hi folks; just a quick note to say I’m back from my holiday, and to thank Aliette, Gareth and Lavie for minding the shop while I was out – looks like you all had a pretty good chatter. 🙂

Now, today is all about clearing out my inbox and preparing to hit the ground running (or at least ambling comfortably) tomorrow… and the way I’m feeling at the moment (that particular scratchy-eyed woken-by-the-cat-long-before-wanting-to-wake coffee-not-helping type of tired, for clarification), trying to read my feeds and blog some stuff is totally off the agenda until I’ve had another night’s shut-eye.

So, long story short: no posts from me… but the latest Blasphemous Geometries column from Jonathan is waiting in the virtual wings, and will be published some time later today. So read and enjoy, and I’ll see you tomorrow.

Y’all play nice now, OK?