Rudy Rucker’s Ware Tetralogy available as a free download

Paul Raven @ 22-06-2010

The Ware Tetralogy - Rudy RuckerRegular readers will be aware that I’m a Rudy Rucker fan, and hence will understand how stoked I am that his Ware Tetralogy – heretofore hard to find in decent condition – is being republished as a single (immense) volume. It’s now sat on my wishlist, awaiting a moment when I have the money spare to buy a copy… but until then, there’s a free-to-download PDF version of the Ware Tetralogy available on Rucker’s website. There are commercial ebook versions in the pipeline, apparently, so that download may not be there forever – scoop it up now, and feel the gnarl!

(That said, the PDF and RTF versions are Creative Commons licensed, so they can be passed around with impunity. Send one to a friend!)

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One Response to “Rudy Rucker’s Ware Tetralogy available as a free download”

  1. Michael "TechTalk" Kastler says:

    So cool! I never was able to find realware or software in paper … and frankly had somewhat forgotten about rucker over the last decade. Thanks for the tickle!